Polska Dotty 2 sparkles with a distinctive mix of British and Polish humor… highly recommended” – Warsaw Voice

“A hilarious story of home renovation with a cast of almost unbelievable Polish characters doing the work… not only entertaining but also instructive” – Cosmopolitan Review

Polska Dotty 2 is an excellent primer for anyone interested in what’s really happening with Poles in the UK” – Inside Poland

“The book every Pole living in the UK should read” – Lajt magazine


“At once romantic and full of adventure, reducing us to tears (of laughter)… Polska Dotty is an utterly charming story of the ups and downs of an Englishman who tries to assimilate into a completely different world, as he begins married life with a Polish girl” – Cooltura

Polska Dotty offers a cracking read from an insider’s point of view, and really is one of a kind” – Krakow Polska

“Polska Dotty is an easy read, providing a colorful introduction to Poland for readers who know little of the country. Expats will smile in recognition, or grimace in sympathy, as the author details the pleasures and frustrations that lie in wait for a visiting foreigner – Warsaw Voice

“Ex-pats living in Krakow will find plenty of reasons to nod in agreement and raise a smile at a new book about an Englishman’s encounters with Poland.  Polska Dotty… serves as a primer for those three most ingrained aspects of Polish culture – language, religion and family, attitudes that can be among the most difficult hurdles for any newcomer to overcome” – Krakow Post

“Jonathan Lipman’s book is an engaging and fascinating personal account of life in Poland as it was emerging from the dead hand of communism. A perceptive outsider who married a Polish girl and then worked as a lawyer in Warsaw, the author provides a sympathetic insight into Polish society. Written with a light touch and a good awareness of the paradoxes of Polish life, Jonathan Lipman has produced a charming and informative book. One awaits with anticipation the promised sequel” – Hubert Zawadzki, co-author, A Concise History of Poland

“Jonathan Lipman, author of Polska Dotty, comments on his humorous exploits as a newly-wed English lad and those of his Polish bride as they settle in Poland and encounter a variety of difficulties and unexpected situations.  Those traveling to Poland for the first time may learn more about the Poles they will encounter in Lipman’s interesting book – Polonia Today

“A book worth reading to understand Polish mentality from a British perspective”- Panorama

“Whether you have just arrived in Poland and are clueless about how you’re supposed to live here, or you’re an old hand with a firm grip of Polish bureaucracy and language, a new book by a former ex-pat is guaranteed to offer invaluable advice and lots of laughs” – Inside Poland

“Lipman’s wonderful personal observations… are… his strong point. He strikes one as someone you’d really like to talk to. Meet him and you’ll invite him for dinner… and ask him to bring his father along too” – Cosmopolitan Review