Tory Folly, Deceit… and Defeat

Let us be in no doubt: the current rudderless state of the country – a declining economy, a nation divided in many ways, an impending Brexit disaster – are all down to the Tories.

It was the Tories who decided on an EU referendum, to see off UKIP and thereby maintain the integrity of the Tory party. And it’s no good saying the country wanted out of the EU: the country voted on false premises and arguments, and to give a good kicking to the establishment. As they’ve just done again. The country (other than hapless die-hard Little Englanders) will have second thoughts when Brexit follows its inevitable course toward unmitigated disaster.

And despite all this – and the effective vote of no confidence they’ve just been given – the Tories continue in (feigned) denial. Or, at least, the repellent Theresa May does (she now seems cut loose from her own party). The Tories won the most votes and seats. Only they can provide “certainty”, she says (she dare not say “strong and stable” any longer).

This deceit is pitiful, and I find myself agreeing wholeheartedly with John McDonnell that the public is fed up with this approach, repeated day in day out by Theresa May flunkies like Michael Fallon. It’s an insult to the electorate (about whom it was clear during the campaign this wayward, wheat-destroying vicar’s daughter cares not a jot) to treat them like this, force feeding them meaningless mantras, and lies.

The people do wish for something new – repeated anti-establishment votes demonstrate this. And they will get it. For what we are seeing is the decline of the Tories. On the surface, they may look strong: yes, the most votes, the most seats. But only just! Cameron did ok in 2015, then the Tory Government lost the referendum vote, and now May has no majority at all.

It’s Europe that will do for the Tories (as it always does). May’s position on Brexit is now – simply – untenable. She is weakened in negotiations abroad and at home. The latter will see her off. The soft Brexit the people have now declared they want (by the way, supported in a regular poll taken ever since the Brexit vote which now shows more people want to remain than leave) will split her fissile party down the middle; an attempt to continue with hard Brexit will not make it though Parliament.

Out of this Tory carnage will arise a second general election – before you know it – and will arrive like a knight in shining armour the unlikely figure of Jeremy Corbyn (Labour won’t be able to ditch him now). We’ll have to see how that goes, of course. Maybe he’ll adapt his very left-wing but broadly sympathetic policies to a degree, and thereby broaden his appeal. After all, he may have to fight off a “British” Macron by then. But if nothing more occurs than that Tory patronage and arrogance are replaced by a more caring, meritocratic, and… human approach to government and politics more broadly – for that, alone, I will be grateful.


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