Polska Dotty 2 – Reviews!

Reviews are rolling in for Polska Dotty 2…


Cosmopolitan Review
The latest, from Cosmopolitan Review declares the book is “[a] hilarious story of home renovation with a cast of almost unbelievable Polish characters doing the work… not only entertaining but also instructive”. Here’s the link (check out both the review, and my article on Brexit): http://cosmopolitanreview.com/

Inside Poland
This follows on from the first review of the work by Inside Poland, who wrote that “Polska Dotty 2 is an excellent primer for anyone interested in what’s really happening with Poles in the UK”: http://inside-poland.com/t/polska-dotty-2-ahead-of-brexit-referendum-read-new-book-by-jonathan-lipman-on-poles-in-the-uk/

Lajt magazine
Lajt says this is “the book every Pole living in the UK should read”. Win a copy by sending pix of your painted nails into them!.. http://lajt.co.uk/uwaga-konkurs-pochwal-sie-swoimi-paznokciami

Warsaw Voice
And look out for Warsaw Voice’s review of the book later this month…


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