Signed Copies of Polska Dotty 2 @ POSK


The good folk at POSK have agreed to stock signed copies of Polska Dotty 2. POSK, housed in a grey slab of which the Social-Realists would have been proud, is the Polish Social & Cultural Association. It’s long established, and a veritable centre of Polish life in UK.


It houses a sizeable theatre, as well as cafe and restaurant – and the bookshop (ksiegarnia) in which Polska Dotty 2 now resides. On my last visit I noticed there’s also a gallery – I’m not sure if that’s to be a permanent feature.


The bookshop also contains various objets d’art, and this lovely “Krakowianka” (a traditional dress worn by Krakowian women)…


So, pop into POSK some time, maybe to purchase your copy of Polska Dotty 2, or just to browse, or – highly recommended! – to grab a cake in the most conducive cafe.



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