Polska Dotty 2 – Out Now!

Act IV - Water and lightPolska Dotty 2 is out now in ebook format – paperback to follow in a few weeks’ time.

What can you expect from this follow-up to Polska Dotty?

The two books cover different ground. Whereas PD1 looked at life in Poland, Polska Dotty 2 analyses the impact the recent great wave of Polish immigration has had on the UK.

Part I of the new book considers how well the Poles have settled into life in the UK, establishing a veritable home from home (or is it home?). The ubiquitous “Polski Sklep” (Polish shop) is studied in detail, and a whole host of other Polish imports are put under the microscope. But equally, Polish attitudes to our way of life are considered: for example, our system of education, and health service. You will learn why so many Poles (and Brits) visit the Polish doctors’ surgeries that have begun to spring up in the UK…

In Part II – subtitled “A Tragicomedy in Five Acts” – you can follow the rollercoaster ride on which my Polish wife Marzena and I went when we employed Polish builders to carry out a major extension to our home. All ended well, but not without mishaps along the way. Some are hilariously described – the sketch above by wonderful artist Liam O’Farrell, who illustrated the book, may give you a clue.

Part III provides an opportunity for the members of Marzena’s All-Girl Polish Book Club to relate their experiences of settling into the UK in their own words – and is all the more powerful for that.

Polska Dotty 2 reveals the truth about Polish life over here, and as such is germane to the immigration issue that lies at the heart of the forthcoming EU referendum.

So, you know what you have to do to make an informed choice when you vote on June 23! (but click on the Polska Dotty 2 book cover top right if in doubt…)


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