Wimbledon Puts Poland on the Map

It’s ridiculous, when you think about it.

One of the oldest Parliamentary traditions in the world, dating back to the fifteenth century.

The first Constitution in Europe, and second in the modern world, in 1791.

Vanquishers of the Teutonic Knights, the Ottoman Turks and the Bolsheviks.

A political thorn in the side of the Soviets, that finally infected and finished them off.

In modern times, an important country of 40 million, until recently the undisputed economic tiger of Europe.

But it takes the exploits of Radwanska, Kubot and Janowicz to get everyone talking about Poland and put it on the map!

Ridiculous, but on the other hand, why not? Radwanska, if not a revelation – don’t forget she gave Serena a run for her money in the final last year when ill – has been an outstanding competitor this year. She shows a determination and will to win, even when her back is up against the wall – especially when her back is up against the wall – that is a renouned Polish trait. She’s also very graceful and creative on court – a throwback, as Chrissie Evert and Pat Cash said on TV tonight, to players of yesteryear when games weren’t so reliant on the serve.

Predictions are dangerous, but I say if she can beat Lisicki, she’ll go all the way utilising last year’s invaluable experience. And I think she will beat Lisicki, if she stays healthy.

She’s joined this year by no less than 2 male compatriots in the quarter-finals, playing each other, meaning Poland will have a representative in the men’s as well as women’s semi-finals at Wimbledon. I confess I haven’t caught much of Kubot or Janowicz, but feel they’ll do well to overcome Murray, and especially Djokowic.

As if all that weren’t enough, they’re about to canonise JP2, another Pole you might just have heard of…

Now, don’t get me going on organised religion, miracles, and the like. Suffice to say if Radwanska wins Wimbledon on Saturday, it won’t be down to any miracle – rather, to sheer talent and hard graft.

But it will also be not far short of miraculous if a win by a tennis player in a tournament puts Poland more firmly on the map than pilots, popes and politicians ever did.


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