Polska Dotty in Cosmo!

Polska Dotty has received a major review in Cosmopolitan Review.

Cosmo Review is a beautifully presented website which describes itself as “a journal focused on Polish culture and society and intended for English-speaking readers and writers throughout the Polish diaspora.”

It has been going since 2008, and claims an audience in 56 countries.

It describes Polska Dotty as “great fun”, and its description of Polish weddings as “perceptive”.

It comments that the book handles Polish-Jewish relations well, and that its personal observations are “wonderful”.

It says of the author: “Lipman strikes one as someone you’d really like to talk to. Meet him and you’ll invite him for dinner…”

No pressure, then!

There’s some criticism, too. I don’t agree with it all (of course), but it’s constructively done.

Check out the review at: http://cosmopolitanreview.com/polska-dotty/

And read extracts from other reviews of Polska Dotty in the Quotes section of this website.


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