Liking the Likes

A belated thank you to all those who have followed, liked and commented on my blog since its inception 18 months or so ago.

The Polska Dotty blog now has over 130 followers!

It’s really appreciated and encouraging.

A special thank you to multiple “Likers”, such as toemailer,, zewpress, oneanna65, Markovich Arts, Robert O’Rayne, lesleycarter, victoriablt, The Ranting Chef, the drinking hat, The Mind of RD Revilo, Bogdan Marius Beleuz, gpcox, marekzyskowski, iGameMom, usman hashmi, ellisnelson, jenni59, SOS-EUROPE, and plainbagel. Some marvellous names there, by the way! Apologies to anyone I’ve forgotten.

Please do spread the word about the Polska Dotty blog and book, and follow me on twitter (10 more for 100 followers!) for a whole load more interesting news and views:


Finally, watch out for a fresh and exciting blog this weekend…


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