Polska Dotty Talk: The Outcome!

There was a good turnout for the first Polska Dotty talk – despite the inclement weather.

Ahead of the talk

Posing ahead of the talk

The topic was how the book came to fruition creatively and as a publication.

Several of the book’s themes were also explored: the importance of the family in Poland, the language, the Polish character – and the book’s underlying humour.

Telling it how it is

Telling it how it is

The audience asked plenty of good questions: why the title “Polska Dotty”? (Polka Dots, anyone?); what had I meant when referring to the “Tarnow Bima”? (in the town of Tarnow, the remains of a synagogue dais from which Jewish prayers were sung, exposed to the elements if not for a protective roof erected by the townspeople); and, would I write a sequel? (yes; see Introduction to Polska Dotty – still intending to!).

Afterwards, a book-signing…

Flier Polska Dotty 006

My sincere thanks to Oliver, Helen and all the staff at High Wycombe Library – a modern and comfortable facility – for a wonderfully organised evening.


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