Poland v England v The Polish Weather

In Polska Dotty I devote a chapter to the Polish weather, focussing particularly on the snow and cold of a Polish winter. But I do also talk about the typically Continental storms that can arrive quickly, deluging Polish streets which don’t seem to be designed to drain especially fast.  And now the same can be said of the new Warsaw soccer stadium’s pitch!  The decision not to close the roof for tonight’s match does on the face of it seem bizarre, but we shouldn’t be overly quick to judge.  Was this much rain forecast?  Did one team object to pre-match closure of the roof?  Would the roof have kept out that much water, anyway!?  Similarly, the lateness of the decision to call off the match looked derisory and inconsiderate to those in the stadium – those who hadn’t already gone home, that is.  But again, I wonder who was really behind this.  The stadium officials?  Or, FIFA (wouldn’t surprise me)?  The pity of it is that, even if others were implicated in tonight’s farce, it’ll be the Polish authorities who get it in the neck, and will be portrayed as clowns, thereby undoing some of the good work of Poland-Ukraine 2012 which by most accounts was pretty well run.  On the pitch, I sense England – keener than Poland to play tomorrow (kick off 5pm local time), and without the embarrassment by association of their home match having been postponed in these circumstances – may be at a slight advantage.  Although presumably they’ll have less support on the terraces tomorrow – and in this respect you have to feel most sorry for the England fans who have had to return home tonight.  We’ll see which team copes better.  As for us armchair potatoes, we got an unexpected bonus in the shape of some cracking British humour on both BBC Radio 5 Live and ITV to fill the air time as nothing much happened.  Mind you, you didn’t need to be Monty Python to commentate wittily as the ref, inspecting the pitch, endlessly threw a ball into wide pools of water so he could watch it not bounce.  Even Roy Keane made a funny.


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