Wimbledon: Unlucky, Unlucky Radwanska

Poor Agnieszka Radwanska.  If she was unwell, that won’t have helped her at all in a match in which she was always going to need all her strength.  As I blogged a few days ago, the power mismatch looked pronounced in this final – and that’s how it turned out.  But not before Radwanska gave Williams a tremendous run for her money.  The gap between the players is not – in my view – much at all.  Williams is the toughest of propositions in a Wimbledon final, and clearly ranked way below her true status.  But Radwanska has bags of potential: great shotmaking – she’s even invented her own shot, down on her haunches! – mature tactics, and last but by no means least, an impressive mix of composure and fight (read more about the Polish fighting-spirit in Polska Dotty).  Seems to me all she lacks is experience and – sorry to go on about it – some pure physical strength (especially on the serve).  Reminds me a bit of a young Andy Murray.  Of course she can overcome both these challenges, and surely the world will be her oyster, then.  And I say “potential”, but Radwanska is already ranked no. 3 in the world and could have gone top of the pile had she beaten Williams today.  So, bad luck, Agnieszka, and we look forward to your inevitable first Grand Slam victory before too long.  Before then, looking forward even more (must confess!) to an Andy Murray victory in the men’s final tomorrow…


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