Wimbledon: Go Radwanska!

Pleased to see Agnieszka Radwanska progress to the semi-finals of Wimbledon last night by way of a strange match that switched court due to the inclement weather.  If Radwanska makes it to the final of Wimbledon, she’ll surely cement her position as the most famous living Polish sportsperson.  When Kubica was doing so well he might justifiably have disputed this, but following his severe motoring accident, compounded by re-breaking his leg, regrettably he’s in no position to do so now.  If Radwanska won Wimbledon, the mind boggles.  She’d probably be given the keys to the entire country.  Whilst no aficionado, having watched her play, I suspect she can make the final – she appears to have the easier draw – but then might come up short.  She’s wonderfully consistent, but lacks power.  No doubt something she’ll work on, but for the time being I doubt enough to beat a Serena Williams or Azarenka.  Fingers crossed for her anyway.  Let’s hope she can achieve like Wojtek Fibak did, whom many of you will remember.  He was a renowned Polish men’s player from the 70s and early 80s.  Not only did he do well in tennis (though in fact was never as highly ranked as Radwanska), but as I recount in Polska Dotty, put together an outstanding art collection worth a small fortune.  Fingers crossed for artistry from Radwanska on Court tomorrow against Kerber.


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