Euro 2012: Spanish Genius

So, Spain are the Champions.  I won’t repeat my blog of 27 June (“Are Spain Boring?”), but what nonsense was spoken by so many when they accused the Spanish of dull football.  Simply put there are different ways of playing the game, but in the end the aim is to win.  The Spanish team of the last 4 years or so certainly knows how to win, and the rest is icing on the cake.  Personally I love to watch their brand of possession football – Tiki-taka – and would say it’s far more sophisticated than other approaches such as kick and rush. I would concede it’s been less incisive than in previous tournaments.  But that’s due to missing personnel, so I’d applaud the Spanish for playing to their strengths.  Namely, keeping possession in an even more pronounced way than before – which they can do even without their no. 1 striker – tiring their opponents, and then striking them when they’re at their weakest, as they tire in extra time.  Brutal, really.  Like a Komodo dragon waiting for its victim to die of venom!  But effective to the tune of an unprecedented second European title in a row.  Every other international side will now have to try to emulate this New Total Football if they wish to compete.

Well done Spain!

And well done Poland and Ukraine for hosting the Championships without major incident despite those dire warnings in the run up.

They can be even bigger winners than Spain if they build effectively on Euro 2012: then many more of us can go Dotty about Polska, and the rest of Eastern Europe.


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