Euro 2012: England Out!

Well, not too much you can say about that.  Italy, no worldbeaters themselves, thoroughly deserved to beat England, which I’m afraid says something about England.  Great spirit and togetherness, but as ever a lack of touch, and at this level, it’s just not enough.  On the evidence of this tournament – well though Roy Hodgson has done – it’ll be a long, long time until England can compete again at the highest level.  One interesting subplot is why England, a nation known for its sangfroid, bottles it at penalties every time.  My theory is that because England struggle to keep possession, they’re too physically tired to compose themselves after 120 minutes of chasing shadows.  It’s a great disappointment for the English to go out of a tournament early again, and see themselves so obviously short of the pace.  Alan Shearer sums up the England team very well: courageous, but courage can only take you so far; short of ability, they accurately sit at sixth, seventh or eight best side in the world – no more than that.  But let’s look on the bright side.  From an England perspective, they played to their strengths under a  decent manager who may be able to improve them further, were definitely good tourists, and as such made themselves popular with the locals.  This is no bad thing, and tempers a missed chance for large numbers of English fans to have visited Poland for the semi-final, due to take place in Warsaw on Thursday.  It would have been nice for so many English to have been guests in Poland, and got to know the culture better, rather than always the other way around.  In the meantime they’ll just have to rely on Polska Dotty!


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