Euro 2012: Hodgson’s Heroes?

Never let it be said I won’t admit I’m wrong!  In a previous blog I decried the FA’s appointment of Hodgson in preference to Redknapp.  Now Harry’s out of a job in controversial style, and Roy’s star continues to rise.  What I like about Hodgson is not only his correct footballing decisions, but also his correct behaviour off the pitch.  He’s allegedly a cultured man, and clearly meant it when he said he wanted the England players to be “good tourists”.  They have been, thanks largely to his man management, and it’s such a warm feeling for the rest of us back home to feel our players are enhancing our reputation abroad rather than the other way around.  As for on the pitch, Hodgson continues to turn to gold everything he touches: clever tactics (not running before walking),  and inspired team selection.  But more than this, through his own calm he seems finally to have eliminated that air of panic that has so often consumed past England teams, including as expectation rises.  As an example, tonight, even when not playing particularly well, you felt England were always in control.  That they wouldn’t likely concede, and even if they did, could always turn up the wick and grab a goal themselves.  I don’t think this England team is a world- (or Europe-) beater, but they’re getting the job done, learning the knack of winning the Group and so easing their onward path – and making their matches an easier watch for their fans to boot.  Well done England, and well done Roy.  I said this was a QF England side at best: please go on and prove me wrong, again!


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