Euro 2012: Hodgson’s Choice

With the appointment of Roy Hodgson to the England team manager’s post this week, I make no apologies for this blog being purely a footballing one, with no particular connection to Poland other than in six weeks’ time Hodgson will undergo his first big test there.  Hodgson has immense experience, and seems a decent sort.  He’s also reputed to me unusually learned for a footballing man.  But I’m not sure any of that will do him much good.  The problem is the age old one of English footballers not having the touch and control of their counterparts.  And we’re not just talking the likes of their Spanish and Brazilian counterparts.  The players of most teams – African, Scandinavian, North American – seem to have been brought up in a culture of keepy uppy, as opposed to our own “get rid of it!” and “boot it as far as you can!”  Only when we do what they do, and ally it with our famous bulldog spirit – which we retain and counts for something – will we once again be worldbeaters.  And that’s why I wanted Harry: because in the generation it’ll take to catch up, a charismatic and tactically shrewd manager could have narrowed the gap.  But in the end, even Harry wouldn’t have made the difference.  Nothing will until the underlying problem is solved.  The choice between  Redknapp and Hodgson was really Hobson’s choice.


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  1. dsgy1

    I just stumbled across this blog and it’s not bad at all, I’ll keep looking in during the Euros.


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