Poland on the BBC

No doubt encouraged by the imminent Euros, the BBC is beginning to feature Poland on its various media.  In particular it published articles featuring the working lives of six Cracovians, including one of the men who trumpets the “hejnal” from the top of Mariacki church (see a previous blog of mine, “Bugles and bagels”). On a more macro-social scale, I find the article linked below much more significant.  It tells how Poles – as ever, and I suppose understandably, it’s the youth leading the way – feel pretty secure, and no longer overly fear their two dominant neighbours Russia and Poland.  The interesting angles are that relations with Germany are so much better than with Russia, and that the US is losing its lustre for some Poles.  Russian unpopularity following the Smolensk air crash doesn’t surprise me, though it is being whipped up by the seemingly ever-present populist elements in Polish politics.  The US development surprises me more, though with as many as 10% of Americans said to be of Polish origin, I doubt relations between the two countries will change fundamentally for a long time.  For myself, I’m pleased to see Poland becoming more “European”: don’t forget  it used to be a big player in Europe in times gone by.  Take a read:



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