Euro 2012: Stadia

The stunning new Euro 2012 stadium in Warsaw has successfully hosted its first club match: a 2-0 defeat for Legia Warsaw to Spanish side Sevilla.  Legia had been due to take on their bitter rivals Wisla Krakow in the stadium, but that match was cancelled for security reasons.  Many are not aware Poland has a big hooliganism problem – probably akin to England in the 70s.  Mind you, our own breed regrettably still flourish, so we have to hope there’s no major fisticuffs between the two during the Championships.  In the meantime questions are still being asked as to whether England’s training ground, home of a lower league Polish club in Nowa Huta, can really be brought up to scratch in time.  Of more interest to me is what the England side will see of Nowa Huta, the steelworks town built on the edge of Krakow by the Communists to crush the city’s intelligentsia.  Admittedly I only took a tour there for the first time last summer, but they really ought to know the history – especially at a time when the Polish President is saying Poland needs a proper museum to its Communist past.  Actually, Nowa Huta  is already that museum, strikes me.  By chance, I was speaking earlier this week with a UK-based Pole who grew up in Nowa Huta.  Delicately as I could I said it wasn’t the most… salubrious of spots.  She agreed, but told me it was much worse in the past.  That amazed and shocked me.  In any case there’s still more than enough of that past visible to educate the England side, fans and tourists alike this summer.


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