Anti-Semitism in Poland

In Polska Dotty I try to give a balanced view of Polish anti-Semitism, utterly condemning anti-Semitic acts I came across, but putting them into context: they seemed to be relatively low key; historically Poland had been the country where the Jews found some degree of peace etc. My hope was that Polish anti-Semitism would really begin to die out. Ten years on, I’m disappointed to see acts of anti-Semitism continuing in Poland: gravestones defaced, graffiti on walls.  A recent survey – though don’t know how reliable – claimed 48% of Poles expressed anti-Semitic sentiments.  There is plenty of talk about anti-Semitism being on the increase in Europe at the moment, so that could be an explanation.  In France it’s even higher profile, of course, with the recent shootings.  On the positive side, there remain good signs in Poland: a spectacular museum about Warsaw’s Jewish past will open, and Jewish communities in Poland are slowly expanding.  An article on Krakow Post’s website is entitled “Jewish Community Feels Secure in Krakow”.   The annual Krakow Jewish festival goes from strength to strength.  Hopefully my thoughts in Polska Dotty weren’t too far out.


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