Euro 2012: All Ready

So, the Polish and Ukrainian Governments have just declared all is ready for Euro 2012, other than for some of the infrastructure including roads/motorways and modernisation of the railways.  It’s a good achievement but a shame about the unfinished transport links.  I remember being in Krakow last summer and astonished when our informative taxi-driver Andrzej  – Polish taxi-drivers are full of life like London cabbies – told us the Euros aren’t coming to the city at all.  Don’t know if this has contributed to the fact the new A1 motorway Warsaw-Krakow still incomplete. Andrzej for one isn’t holding his breath.  Guess there’ll always be winning and losing cities in an event like this, and Krakow does very nicely already and seems to have half the competing teams staying there anyway, thank you very much.


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