Euro 2012: On The Other Hand…

On the other hand, reading this article, doesn’t look like Donetsk is exactly the most salubrious destination or has done itself any favours in preparing for the Championships:

If true, purchase of only 20% of their ticket allocation by England fans is disappointing.

But I’m afraid if Poland is still relatively off the beaten track – one of my bugbears and reasons for publishing Polska Dotty – Ukraine is even more so.

And press like  “Donetsk – experience what it feels like to smoke 40 a day”, and apparently poor logistical preparation (overpriced accomodation etc) won’t make it any easier.

Confess I haven’t been to Donetsk, but am in no doubt it deserves better.

As per previous blog, will be fascinating to see how all this pans out.


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