Dr. Zawadzki on BBC Radio Oxford

Following my own appearance on Jo Thoenes’ afternoon show, and my reference to Dr. Zawadzki, Jo decided to invite him on, too.  The interview took place this afternoon, and I think was a great success.  Dr. Zawadzki talked about his parents’ difficult journey from the Soviet Union, through the Caucasus and Middle East and eventually to UK.  This happened to many Poles: sent to Siberia when Stalin invaded Poland during WWII, they were released by the Soviets to form a Polish army once Hitler invaded Russia.  After the War, unable to return to Communist Poland, those in the UK spent their childhood in “Resettlement Camps”, and Jo focussed on this human side of things, bringing out touching memories from Dr. Zawadzki (clearly these camps were a reasonably enjoyable experience for the children).  To find out more about this, read the intruiging book “Wojtek the Bear” by Aileen Orr.  Dr. Zawadzki’s interview available for one week at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p001d7bp (scroll 1hr 12 mins into the audio file for 05/03/2012).


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